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Like wamp and xamp, Microsoft is also having one installar for everything required for web applications.


It installs IIS, SQL server, Visual web developer, PHP for windiws and some popular web apps for .net and php


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Hotmail – Live Mail

After long time (almost 5 years) I started using hotmail and loved it. Everything at one place..Great!!

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I am using yahoo as my primary email service since long. After my account hacked in 2005, I am using paid service of yahoo. $25 per year. I am having around 850 entries in my contact list and many of them are duplicate.Finally Yahoo has added facility to merge duplicate entries. It also gives option to merge exact same entries in one click. I found around 110 entries duplicate and 15 of them are exact same. Now my address book is clean.

Lately found that hotmail is also having similar functionality but not straight forwad like yahoo.

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